Datafi Insights

Insights page gives you a holistic view of Datafi platform, including all the users activities and datasources events.

Insights page

Platform Status

Information presented in this section is the current status of the platform in real time.

Data Users:
Number of users that have access to the platform

Active Users:
Number of users that have logged in in the last 24 hours

Daily Datasource Run Time:
The time that all datasources have been up and running today

Connected Datasource:
Number of datasources that have been connected to the platform.
Note: Datafiles that uploaded to the platform are not included.

Datafile Storage:
Amount of storage have been used to store datafiles

Usage Monitor

In this section, you could track and monitor the key platform metric for a specific time period. Select the metric from the dropdown menu and set the date range to view the result.

Connector Log

We provide the log files of our connector for you to get detail information of connector activity